Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BangaloreITPro User Group 5th Offline Meet

5th BangaloreITPro UG meet is interesting

Date : 24th September 2005
Venue : SCT Software Solutions.
Attendance: 20 people
Topic: Physical Infrastructure for IT

Speakers : Mr. Ravi M. (Rittal India Pvt. Ltd.) Mr. Rajiv S. (Rittal India Pvt. Ltd.)

News Presentation: Mr. Rahul Nathan Quiz Master:

(Asst. Manager – Bangalore IT Pro UG) Mr. Rajesh Nair (Seequal Software Ltd.)

The event started at about 4:15 pm after most of the members came in. Speakers were in much earlier and were happy with the preparation. Our speakers from Rittal enlightened us about the Physical Infrastructures solutions for IT companies with a focus on Security of server rooms and data centers. Our members enjoyed, as there were a lot of questions asked and answers. A healthy group discussion made the session interesting.

What was more impressive was that our members were making notes very keenly.

Then we moved on the News presentation & The Hall of Fame presented by Mr.Rahul.

The Hall of Fame induction was well accepted and one of our speakers from our 3rd UG meet, Mr. Shariq was with us and was truly surprised to be honored by us. He spoke to the group and we had a round of applause for him. We did not have any thing to to give him, but he walked away with a prize in the quiz contest.

We had a tea break where all our members interacted with each other. We came to understand that members where looking for online chat session. We need to work out a solution for this.

We had a wonderful Quiz event by Mr. Rajesh Nair about Windows 2003. Since we had prizes to give away, we had active participation. Three guys who scored the highest score walked away with Microsoft Exam preparation kits from Seequal Software Ltd.

I took the chance to closed the evening by telling every one that we would have a session on "What it takes to become a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Community Star?" in our next UG meet on 15 th October. I have cleared some basic questions. I also promoted the idea of creating blogs when Mr.Rahul put my blog on the big screen. Mr. Chakravarthy had a lot to say about the necessity of blogs for all our members.

We closed with one line… "See You Online!".

Next Offline UG meet plan:

Event planned for 15th October 2005 at SCT Software Solutions at 4pm.

I will take the other session with support for my MVP Lead. If my Lead could attend the session that it would be great as this may be our first ALL MVP evening just like we had all non-Microsoft participation during our 3 rd UG meet. Some thing to go down in our record books. I am sure that Mr. Chakravarthy and me will make the 6th UG meet a memorable one. We also plan to have another quiz session by Mr. Rajesh Nair as a part of his series.

Manager's discussions: Need to find new venue for UG meets in 2006. We have planned for the October, November, and December UG meets in SCT Software Solutions. Need to start booking speaker right away. Mr.Rahul will talk to MVP Mr. Srinivas Sampath to talk to us about SQL in November before the grand SQL events of December. I am sure he will have a lot of information to share after attending events in USA over the next few days.

Smile always J Talk IT at the "TALK IT!" message board

Lets start preparing for the next meet.

The event Organised with the Support of Mr.Rahul & Mr.Charawarghy,

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