Thursday, January 05, 2006

BangaloreITPro 7th UG Meet

BangaloreITPro 7th UG Meet (12-11-2005 @ 4.00PM to 6.00PM)

The Bangalore IT Pro UG meet was very successful with lot of Q&A, the members are surprised to see the actual follow of mail and members were asking lot of question about pst & dbx files.

Excellent talk and demonstrations by both Mr. Mr.Ravisankar (on Life of an Email part-I) and Mr.Srinivas Sampath (on A DBA's View of SQLCLR) and the IT quiz (on Active Directory) by Mr. Rajesh. I gave a welcome speech. All the attendee was enjoyed two and half hours.

Venue: SCT Software Solutions.

Mr.Ravisankar - Technology Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
Mr.Srinivas Sampath - (MVP SQL Server), Head Technology Lab, SCT Software Solutions.

“The Life of an E-mail” (Speaker: Mr. Ravisanakar)
“A DBA's View of SQLCLR”. (Speaker: Mr. Srinivas Sampath)
IT QUIZ – By Mr. Rajesh

Members attending the event: 23
Prizes given during the UG meet: 3 (IT QUIZ)
Prizes provided by: SEEQUAL Software Pvt. Ltd.

Proposed plan for next UG meet:
Date: 07th December 2005.Venue: SCT Software Solutions.

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