Wednesday, September 28, 2005

SQLWiZ 2005 and CodeWarriors 2005 Contest HYD

Microsoft User Group Hyderabad Proudly Presents SQLWiZ 2005 and CodeWarriors 2005

SQLWiZ 2005 is a Technical White paper contest conducted by MUGH to identify and reward the best SQL Brains in India . This is an opportunity for developers, DBAs and architects to brainstorm on architecting, designing and database tuning; and showcase their skills to the technical community by presenting their white papers.

Code Warriors 2005 is a .NET Coding Contest, a developer challenge, that enables software developers all over to develop and exhibit their applications using .NET. Developers are free to adopt some of the best practices in software development or develop their own way, software applications and submit to MUGH for evaluations.

Visit for contest rules and other details

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BangaloreITPro User Group 5th Offline Meet

5th BangaloreITPro UG meet is interesting

Date : 24th September 2005
Venue : SCT Software Solutions.
Attendance: 20 people
Topic: Physical Infrastructure for IT

Speakers : Mr. Ravi M. (Rittal India Pvt. Ltd.) Mr. Rajiv S. (Rittal India Pvt. Ltd.)

News Presentation: Mr. Rahul Nathan Quiz Master:

(Asst. Manager – Bangalore IT Pro UG) Mr. Rajesh Nair (Seequal Software Ltd.)

The event started at about 4:15 pm after most of the members came in. Speakers were in much earlier and were happy with the preparation. Our speakers from Rittal enlightened us about the Physical Infrastructures solutions for IT companies with a focus on Security of server rooms and data centers. Our members enjoyed, as there were a lot of questions asked and answers. A healthy group discussion made the session interesting.

What was more impressive was that our members were making notes very keenly.

Then we moved on the News presentation & The Hall of Fame presented by Mr.Rahul.

The Hall of Fame induction was well accepted and one of our speakers from our 3rd UG meet, Mr. Shariq was with us and was truly surprised to be honored by us. He spoke to the group and we had a round of applause for him. We did not have any thing to to give him, but he walked away with a prize in the quiz contest.

We had a tea break where all our members interacted with each other. We came to understand that members where looking for online chat session. We need to work out a solution for this.

We had a wonderful Quiz event by Mr. Rajesh Nair about Windows 2003. Since we had prizes to give away, we had active participation. Three guys who scored the highest score walked away with Microsoft Exam preparation kits from Seequal Software Ltd.

I took the chance to closed the evening by telling every one that we would have a session on "What it takes to become a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Community Star?" in our next UG meet on 15 th October. I have cleared some basic questions. I also promoted the idea of creating blogs when Mr.Rahul put my blog on the big screen. Mr. Chakravarthy had a lot to say about the necessity of blogs for all our members.

We closed with one line… "See You Online!".

Next Offline UG meet plan:

Event planned for 15th October 2005 at SCT Software Solutions at 4pm.

I will take the other session with support for my MVP Lead. If my Lead could attend the session that it would be great as this may be our first ALL MVP evening just like we had all non-Microsoft participation during our 3 rd UG meet. Some thing to go down in our record books. I am sure that Mr. Chakravarthy and me will make the 6th UG meet a memorable one. We also plan to have another quiz session by Mr. Rajesh Nair as a part of his series.

Manager's discussions: Need to find new venue for UG meets in 2006. We have planned for the October, November, and December UG meets in SCT Software Solutions. Need to start booking speaker right away. Mr.Rahul will talk to MVP Mr. Srinivas Sampath to talk to us about SQL in November before the grand SQL events of December. I am sure he will have a lot of information to share after attending events in USA over the next few days.

Smile always J Talk IT at the "TALK IT!" message board

Lets start preparing for the next meet.

The event Organised with the Support of Mr.Rahul & Mr.Charawarghy,

Sunday, September 25, 2005

KolkataNet User Group Meeting - September

Speaker: Robin Roy with Abu Ismail
Topic: SQL Server 2000 - Best Practices for Writing SQL - Query Optimization
Date: 24 Sep 2005
Venue: Digital Avenue

Arround 20 people attended in this User Group Meeting.
In this meeting also we finalized to conduct DevCon 2005.
Also we annouced in our User Group's Home page...
"Shortly we are going to conduct Live Practical Session on NEW TECHNOLOGIES, Visual Studio 2005 (.NET Framework 2.0).
Other Resources... for all...those who will join..."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Indian Microsoft Technology User Groups Rocking!

BangaoreITPro 4th UG Meet

It was on 03-sept-2005 Saturday evening, we started the session at 16.00Hrs and it continued upto 21.30 Hrs. The 4th UG event was very successful. Mr. Ravi Sankar gave welcome speech. All the attendee was enjoyed four and half hours with lots of Q& A.

Venue: SCT Software Solutions.
Date: 03-09-2005

Mr. Shivaram Venkatesh (on ISA 2004 Server)
Dr. Pavanaja (on Indian Language support in Microsoft software)

"ISA Server 2004 Technical Overview" (Speaker: Mr. Shivaram Venkatesh)
"Indian language features of MS products". (Speaker: Dr. Pavanaja U.B)
"IT QUIZ " By Mr. Rajesh

Members attending the event: 20
Prizes given during the UG meet: 3 (IT QUIZ)
Prizes provided by: SEEQUAL Software Pvt. Ltd.

Contests announced in the UG meet (You can Participate!): 4 Logo contest, Invitation card contest, Website designing contest , Spread the word contest.

Mr.Shivaran Venkatesh, gave Excellent talk and demonstrations on (on ISA 2004 Server)

Dr. Pavanaja (on Indian Language support in Microsoft software) The IT quiz (on Active Directory) by Mr. Rajesh.

Proposed plan for next UG meet:
Date: 24th September 2005.
Venue: SCT Software Solutions.

Mr. Ravi (Physical Security) (Confirmed)
Mr.Rajesh (MS Certifications) (Tentative)
MVP Mr. Srinivas Sampath (SQL Administration) (Need to be approached)
MVP Kaliyan S. (Windows Security) (Available)
Mr. Rahul Nathan ( MS Licensing) (Available)

Thanks & Regards


Pune Student .NET UG Meet

It was 2nd of September, a late raining Friday evening when I went to Pune for a session on the next day. I catched up with Tejas Shah, the ADE (Academic Developer Evangelist), at his hotel room. We were to decide on the demo's and the PPT for the next day.

After loads of talks and plans, we finally slept at around 1 am. Next day was a huge one. MS was kind enough to book Nehru auditorium for the PUGStudent meet. The agenda for the meet were three sessions

1. OS Internals - Tejas and myself
2. Windows Mobile Programming and RFID - Shrenik Dedhia, MAQSoftware
3. XML and WebServices - Sarang Datye, MVP

We started of at around 1330 hrs, 30 min behind the schedule. The attendance was decent enough with about 150-175 students across Pune. Tejas started off with all the Techie talks about Operating Systems and made a base for the demos which I was to take. He talked about Process Management, Memory Management, Threads, Objects and Handles, etc. I basically gave demos at intervals during Tejas's sessions. My demos included, making a MultiThreaded app in C#.NET, Services for Unix[SFU] (this was real fun to do - made a C program in Windows, Compiled it using GCC in SFU and executed it on Windows using POSIX Subsystem). I also showed various tools from the MS Official Windows Internal curriculum including Process Monitors, Registry Monitors and AutoRun Monitors.

Over all, the first session was very cool one (not cause me and Tejas were doing it), cause students actually did not know that you can host a Unix Subsystem over a Windows one. Basically they were too interested to know more about SFU.

The next one was by Shrenik, one of the Developer from MAQSoftware, who has quite a bit of experience in developing Mobile App for the company. He spoke on the .NET Compact Framework, and demo'd how to go about building an app both for the SmartPhone form factor as well as for the Pocket PC. He also spoke about various applications available in the market for the PocketPC and the SmartPhone

Lastly it was Sarang's turn to speak (Thank god he was the last one - else he would have taken up our time as well). He started with a big "GOOD MORNING" to all the students. :). He spoke on creating a webservice using XML. This was demo'd by not using the IDE interface but using NOTEPAD. Once shown how a XML file looks like, he spoke about how VS.NET IDE helps to do it much faster and in a more efficient way then he would ideally do with a text editor. By the time Sarang was doing his demo, the audi's warning bell rang and Sarang had to rush off with the demos.

In all it was a nice sessions. Offline - we also spoke about the Student Project Program and about Student Champ Program. Infact we tried and identified couple of students who were interested and briefed them about it. We also distributed ARKs 3.0 along with couple of MSDN India Magazines. Tejas distributed (rather awarded) Extreme Edition CDs (VC++.NET, Platform SDK and a licensed Copy of Windows XP SP2) to some students who were enthu enough to answer some questions asked. MAQSoftware, also distributed CDs of various apps (MathEdge, EnglishEdge, TrafficEdge) which it had made for the mobile phone.

Guess there should be more of such session comming up in the next semester.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

DOTNETSIG proposes a calendar

Today on Sept 3rd I attended the DOTNET SIG (delhi User Group) meeting after a long time.

•No. of Registered Members: 1342
•No. of Attendees / Session: 15

•Topic / Session:
Commerce Server 2000 - Lalit Khatter
Recent Developments in Microsoft Technology - Abhishek Kant

It had been long that i had attended one and after attending this one I felt being back in action. The one unique thing that happened was though we were scheduled for a BTS 2004 session, we ended up doing a impromptu "Recent Developments in MS Technologies" session. Though the people attending were very less, the level of enthusiasm was extremely high.

The attending memebers have proposed a calendar till Dec 2005 so as to provide UG members ample time to accomodate the same if they would like to. We look forward to getting your feedback on the same. The calendar is reproduced below:

17 September - 30 September
Session: Nehru Place, ND
Session Topic: CS2K2, BTS 2004
HoL Topic: CS2K@, BTS, Sharepoint

24 September
Session Topic: CS2K2, BTS 2004

1 October

Session: Nehru Place, ND
Session Topic: VS 2005, .NET 2.0
VS 2005 & SQL 2005
HoL Topic: New features of .NET 2.0, IDE and ASP.NET 2.0

8 October
Session Topic: VS 2005, .NET 2.0

15 October - 28 October
Session: Nehru Place, ND
Session Topic: SQL 2005 New features, Reporting Services. Integration Services
HoL Topic: SQL Sever 2005 Features

22 October
Session Topic: SQL 2005 New features, Reporting Services. Integration Services

29 October - 11 November
Session: Nehru Place, ND
Session Topic: Microsoft Office Programming, Mobile Development in VS 2005
HoL Topic: VSTO and .NET CF

5 November
Session Topic: Microsoft Office Programming, Mobile Development in VS 2005

12 November - 25 November
Session: Nehru Place, ND
Session Topic: Patterns and Practices & SOA
HoL Topic: VS 2005 & SQL 2005

19 November
Session Topic: Patterns and Practices & SOA

26 November - 2 December
Session: Nehru Place, ND
Session Topic: WinFX
HoL Topic: Indigo and Avalon

3-4 December

5 December - 31 December
Session: Nehru Place, ND
Session Topic: MS Embedded Platform
HoL Topic: WinCE 5.0

12 December
Session Topic: MS Embedded Platform

Sessions: Saturday, 11 AM to 2 PM followed by 2-4 PM social interaction
HoL: Sat and Sun: Whole Day
Weekday: 6-9 PM