Sunday, February 27, 2005

What's latest @ CNUG

The student chapter of CNUG was launched yesterday. We had a two day event at PEC and approx 300 students from around 6 colleges were invited.

Day 1, we had sessions on .NET and on Day 2 we had Hands-on labs on .NET, ASP.NET and Webservices. We had a pretty decent pullout and people were pretty enthusiastic, particularly about the labs. Ashwani and Tejas from MS were here for the event. Hope CNUG Student chapter gets rolling now on.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well we are gearing for ITPro meet in Delhi so a high time to get the things in order.
Lots of things in agenda but still the milestones need to be marked on this highway.

MoreOver the coordination is a big challenge in Delhi as we span across from Gurgaon - Haryana till ghaziabad UP through the corridors of Delhi(3 states 4 NCRs).

So meeting up to face the challenge we will be there at South Extension Barista at 6 Pm sharp on Wednesday ,23rd Feb 2005.

For any details please do call me up 9818197061 (veeru)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Chennai .NET User Group Session - February 2005 on Active Directory - Advanced Features.

CNUG-IT (Chennai .NET User Group - Infrastructure Division) hosted the monthly user group meet on 19th February 2005 in the Microsoft Regional Office - Chennai.

The Session was on Advanced Active Directory and it was presented by Mr. Karthik Raghavan. We had presented a session on the basics of Active directory 2 months back and I had discussed with the other members whether they had seen the interface of Active Directory as well as the features of AD. Since only a few of them had seen the interface of AD we felt that we had to show a demo on how Active Directory was installed and configured.

The following topics were planned for the meeting.

1. Functionality of Active Directory.
2. Enhancements in Win 2003 Server.
3. Simplifiying Active directory administration using scripts.
4. Active Directory Diagnostics using windows support tools.
5. Backup and Recovery of Active directory.

We had planned to configure an instance of Windows 2003 Server on Virtual PC and then start with the demos. Unfortunately due to some unavoidable circumstances, we were able to get the lap top from Mr. Ravickumar only on Saturday morning after the attendees had assembled in the venue.

So I decided to utilize this opportunity to demonstrate the new features of virtual PC 2004 and gave a full demo from scratch. We explained the functionality of Virtual PC and how it functions. Then we proceeded to install Windows 2003 Standard Server on Virtual PC. As the installation was in progress I explained the advantages of Virtual Pc as well as the limitations of Virtual PC. This was quite interesting to the attendees.

Also as the installation was in progress, Mr. Karthik spoke of the features of Active Directory and finally when the installation of Windows 2003 Server was completed, Mr. Karthik was able to demonstrate the following features.

A. configured DNS server
B. configured ADS
C. Enhancements in Win2003 ADS
D. Simplifiying Active directory administration using scripts.
E. Active Directory Diagnostics using windows support tools
F. Backup and Recovery of Active directory

As part of the User group's activities a book on Windows Scripting was presented to Mr. Buddha G for his valuable contributions by the President of the User group. We are sure that this incentive will encourage all the members to contribute activitely to the group.

Definitely it was one of the most interesting session we had this year.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

MSDN @ Campus Report


I am Sunil Jagadish, Assistant Manager of BDotNETStudent. Further to Sabarish's post about MSDN @ Campus, I would like to present a report on the same.

MSDN @ Campus was a technical event held at National Institute of Technology (NITK) (formerly REC – Regional Engineering College), Surathkal and Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal, aimed at providing a launch-pad for students interested in .NET, Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile technologies. The event was organized by The Bangalore.NET Student (BDotNETStudent) user group in association with Microsoft India.

The technical sessions that were covered included - Next Generation Computing with .NET, Common Language Runtime Internals, Developing Applications in .NET, XML Webservices and Embedded Computing with WinCE and XP Embedded.

Number of attendees in NITK: 200+
Number of attendees in MIT: 190+

  • The Head of the Dept. of Computer Science at NITK voluntarily came up with the idea of including .NET as an elective subject for students of any branch in their engineering course.
  • The Heads of the Department of Computer Science and Information Science at MIT expressed their interest in Microsoft technologies and their close interaction with Microsoft as one of the Academic Partners.
  • Various resources including books on C# and Visual Basic.NET, MSDN India Magazines and development tools like Visual Sudio 2005 Beta DVDs, VS 2005 Express Editions etc were presented to both the institutions.
  • The students who attended the sessions came up with a lot of queries for the speakers and showed special interest in Webservices and Windows CE.
  • All the attendees were given .NET Academic Resource Kits, VS 2005 Express Editions, Windows Mobile Development Kit and ASP.NET Webmatrix CDs.
  • Adding taste to technology – Samosas and Tea/Coffee was also arranged
We are planning to cover more places in Karnataka.

Monday, February 07, 2005

msdn @ campus

Microsoft and BDotNETStudent

msdn @ campus

An exclusive introductory session to Microsoft .NET and Windows Embedded

- Bangalore & Mangalore -
Bangalore: 5th February 2005
Venue: MSRIT
Time: 10:00 AM
Mangalore: 12th February 2005
Venue 1: National Institute of Technology, Surathkal (REC)
Time: 8:30 AM
Venue 2: Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal
Time: 3:00 PM

Friday, February 04, 2005

ASP.NET Caching & TDD grace BDOTNET UG Meet

3 Feb: It was a special UG meet this time, because BDotNet was privileged to have Alexi Vorontsov, co-author of Test-Driven Development in Microsoft.NET, speak about the principles of Test Driven Development. Alexei, a great speaker I must say, started off on the basic philosophy of unit testing and explained why test driven or "test first" development could produce software of better quality and more amenable to changes in requirements. Owen Rogers and Alexei then demoed TDD in action by showing how Nunit framework could be used for writing and executing unit tests, taking the example of a simple Stack class. Alexei was also more than happy to take up questions the attendees had on test driven development.

Saravana, took the other session, Caching in ASP.NET. It was a good, informative session explaining in detail all the modes of caching that ASP.NET 1.1 provides. The session was accompanied by a lot of simple, easy to understand code samples. Saravana also explained various 'under the hood' details of caching. The session ended by a discussion on SQL Dependency implementation and a mention about Whidbey's caching improvements.