Friday, February 04, 2005

ASP.NET Caching & TDD grace BDOTNET UG Meet

3 Feb: It was a special UG meet this time, because BDotNet was privileged to have Alexi Vorontsov, co-author of Test-Driven Development in Microsoft.NET, speak about the principles of Test Driven Development. Alexei, a great speaker I must say, started off on the basic philosophy of unit testing and explained why test driven or "test first" development could produce software of better quality and more amenable to changes in requirements. Owen Rogers and Alexei then demoed TDD in action by showing how Nunit framework could be used for writing and executing unit tests, taking the example of a simple Stack class. Alexei was also more than happy to take up questions the attendees had on test driven development.

Saravana, took the other session, Caching in ASP.NET. It was a good, informative session explaining in detail all the modes of caching that ASP.NET 1.1 provides. The session was accompanied by a lot of simple, easy to understand code samples. Saravana also explained various 'under the hood' details of caching. The session ended by a discussion on SQL Dependency implementation and a mention about Whidbey's caching improvements.

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