Friday, February 10, 2006

.NET on Linux - Mono Project

on 27th and 28th January 2006, Vivek Vidyalaya college - Goregaon (West), Mumbai had a techfest in their college, they invited me - Dhaval Faria [MVP], for giving session on .NET Introduction, ASP.NET Introduction and .NET on Linux. Session was schedules in the afternoon for in two days time span - 27th and 28th January 2006. Total attendies 50.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

KolkataNet - Security Day & Students of Heritage Enggr. College - 28 Jan'06

It was a great experiences with Subratam, Rajat, Abhijit Mehta in the Security Day in Heritage Engg. College. Prof. Boira - Director of this college kept introductory speech.
Subratam talked on different kinds of threats related to security issues. Shown some interesting Video Clips. Before launch I, Abu Ismail, talked on Cryptography and its concept in context to .NET. Seven people participated to the Speaker’s Contest. After launch Abhijit Mehta, Student Champ, from Durgapore NIT took session on .NET. Whole day we had lot of fun.

KolkataNet -User Group Meeting Jan'06 - XML & .NET 2.0

We had session on 21 Jan on XML and .NET 2.0. Arround 30 people attended in this session. Abu Ismail took this one. Later on Neo shown some interesting things in Coding.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


HOL for MUG and PUG Student Champs - 21st Jan 2006 - 11 AM to 5:30 PM
Mumbai User Group Meet - 21st Jan 2006 - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

MUG and PUG, conducted Hands on Labs for Student Champs on ASP.NET 2.0 and ADO.NET 2.0.

We had about 11 Student Champs attending Honds on Lab and had a great fun while doing it. VPCs failed to work, moment we login into Windows Server 2003 in VPC it crashes (guest OS), Nauzad Kapadia came up with sugestion go to google and search for intelppm.sys thats what BSOD what showing.. we searching on google and found the solution to change registry value in guest operating system... so we looged into guest os through safe mode, changed it and yes it worked :). HOL was supposed to start at 10 AM, but it started at around 12 PM, then after hour, we decided to go for lunch, had lunch came back and continued with the HOL, done ASP.NET 2.0 - Nauzad Kapadia [MVP], then he handed over to Sarang Datye [MVP] to continue with ASP.NET remaining part and ADO.NET as Nauzad had to create sample for evening's UG meet. After Sarang done with his part, Mayur Tendulkar (Student champ from Pune User Group), talked about ASP.NET Master Pages, then handed over to Dhaval Faria [MVP], and spoke about UXTheme, and finally handed over to Hardik Shah from Microsoft, he shown preview of Windows Vista. By the time Windows Vista preview started, UG Members started arriving at the venue. In morning it self, we found out that VPC Image was creating problem, we had to copy VPC Image from one maching to the other over Laptop to Machine using one single cross cable, it was fun and pain. at 7:00 PM Nauzad Kapadia started MUG HOL on ASP.NET WebParts and we done by 9:30 PM.

Sorry, we dont have any snaps of the event.

MUG and PUG Team.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

B.NET - We Rocked The Launch!

Quite easily, it was the biggest day for B.NET. It was the first of its kind - The Community Launch of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.

What better way to launch a technology than to have a presentation and expert-interaction packed two days, 11 technical sessions from MVPs and community experts? Yes, we rocked!
We devoted and entire day for Visual Studio and Team System, and one for SQL Server 2005. The theme for Visual Studio Team System was to get the technology and concept across by considering a full SDLC based storyline of a fictitious WhidbeyRocks! application ! SQL Server 2005 sessions did more than justice to developers and DBA's alike. The demos had more talking to do here.

We had about 400 participants over two days and the enthusiasm was unmatched. All the sessions were marked by great interraction with experts and interest.

Finally, we (MVPs) decided to add another piece to the nearly perfect story - We created a small e-book for the community, which is a collection of articles on .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. You can get details of the same here.

We would sincerely like to thank RVCE MCA department for facilitating a great venue for the event and Microsoft India for giving all the needed support. And most definitely, the interest of .Netizens in Bangalore (and beyond), for making this a grand success!

For a more detailed report, and all the snaps of the event, check out Vinod's Blog

Thursday, January 05, 2006

BangaloreITPro 9th UG Meet (TechNet Yatra)

BangaloreITPro 9th UG Meet (17-12-2005 @ 4.00PM to 9.00PM)

The TechNet yatra meeting gave good impact to members, there are few developers also participated in the session, they are not even know about Active directory & Remote Desktop, they were suggested us to have few session related to developers. So the developer can able use the IT Technique to integrate the networking, AD, RDP while develop the Applications.

This UG meet was very special event, because I got promoted from Group Assistant Manager position to Manager post; it gave me good opening to year 2006.

Venue: Microsoft Corp. (GTSC Campus)

Mr.Ravisankar - Technology Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
Mr.S.Kaliyan – Welcome Speech
Mr.Rahul Nathan – ITPro News

Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services – Technical Overview
Exchange Best Practice Analyzer (EXBPA)
IT QUIZ on AD – By Mr. Ravisankar

Members attending the event: 18
Prizes given during the UG meet: 2 (IT QUIZ)
Prizes provided by: Microsoft Corporation.

Winners: First Prize Mr.Shariq (MS Press Book on Windows Server 2003 AD)
Second Prize Mr.Ashok (MS Press Book on Windows Server 2003 AD)

At the end of the session Mr.Deepak Rajendran, Microsoft Corporation, He elaborated about the UG activates and Microsoft Involvement. All the members walked away with the gifts,

BangaloreITPro 8th UG Meet

BangaloreITPro 8th UG Meet (07-12-2005 @ 6.00PM to 9.00PM)

I and Mr.Chakravarthy met Dr.Nitin paranjape during “South Asia MVP Meet 2005 at Gurgoan”, we requested him to give session in BITPRO UG, he accepted our request and gave a date for 07th Dec 2005.

The meet was started by 6.30PM; I welcome Dr.Nitin paranjape to start the session. The meet went on well; we could not able to have the second session because of the short of time. Dr. gave a three & half hour continues speech.

Excellent talk and demonstrations by Dr. Nitin paranjape, All the attendee was enjoyed three and half hours.

Venue: SCT Software Solutions.

Dr.Nitin Paranjape – Microsoft MVP

“How to be a successful IT Professional (Speaker: Dr. Nitin)

Members attending the event: 26

Proposed plan for next UG meet:
Date: 17th December 2005.
Venue: Microsoft Building (GTSC)

BangaloreITPro 7th UG Meet

BangaloreITPro 7th UG Meet (12-11-2005 @ 4.00PM to 6.00PM)

The Bangalore IT Pro UG meet was very successful with lot of Q&A, the members are surprised to see the actual follow of mail and members were asking lot of question about pst & dbx files.

Excellent talk and demonstrations by both Mr. Mr.Ravisankar (on Life of an Email part-I) and Mr.Srinivas Sampath (on A DBA's View of SQLCLR) and the IT quiz (on Active Directory) by Mr. Rajesh. I gave a welcome speech. All the attendee was enjoyed two and half hours.

Venue: SCT Software Solutions.

Mr.Ravisankar - Technology Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
Mr.Srinivas Sampath - (MVP SQL Server), Head Technology Lab, SCT Software Solutions.

“The Life of an E-mail” (Speaker: Mr. Ravisanakar)
“A DBA's View of SQLCLR”. (Speaker: Mr. Srinivas Sampath)
IT QUIZ – By Mr. Rajesh

Members attending the event: 23
Prizes given during the UG meet: 3 (IT QUIZ)
Prizes provided by: SEEQUAL Software Pvt. Ltd.

Proposed plan for next UG meet:
Date: 07th December 2005.Venue: SCT Software Solutions.