Thursday, January 12, 2006

B.NET - We Rocked The Launch!

Quite easily, it was the biggest day for B.NET. It was the first of its kind - The Community Launch of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.

What better way to launch a technology than to have a presentation and expert-interaction packed two days, 11 technical sessions from MVPs and community experts? Yes, we rocked!
We devoted and entire day for Visual Studio and Team System, and one for SQL Server 2005. The theme for Visual Studio Team System was to get the technology and concept across by considering a full SDLC based storyline of a fictitious WhidbeyRocks! application ! SQL Server 2005 sessions did more than justice to developers and DBA's alike. The demos had more talking to do here.

We had about 400 participants over two days and the enthusiasm was unmatched. All the sessions were marked by great interraction with experts and interest.

Finally, we (MVPs) decided to add another piece to the nearly perfect story - We created a small e-book for the community, which is a collection of articles on .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. You can get details of the same here.

We would sincerely like to thank RVCE MCA department for facilitating a great venue for the event and Microsoft India for giving all the needed support. And most definitely, the interest of .Netizens in Bangalore (and beyond), for making this a grand success!

For a more detailed report, and all the snaps of the event, check out Vinod's Blog

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