Monday, July 06, 2009

Announcing PUG DevCon 2009.

I am pleased to announce Pune User Group’s most important event of the year,

PUG DevCon 2009

This year we are hosting PUG DevCon 2009 on

8th & 9th August, 2009

2 days, 2 parallel Tracks and total 16 sessions on various Microsoft Technologies by industry experts…

I will be posting more details about agenda very soon…

keep your eyes open…

you can also follow Pune User Group on Twitter / Face book / LinkedIn  here are the URLs


PUG’s official website

AhmedabadUserGroup - Tech.Ed on the Road at Ahmedabad

We Learn.. We Share.. We Help..
Hi Friends,

Here are some great moments and details of Tech.Ed On Road by AhmedabadUserGroup.

It was truely a great success in Ahmedabad.

Mahesh Devjibhai Dhola
President, Ahmedabad User Group

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tech.Ed India 2009, Summary of Community activities

  From Sanjay Shetty’s Live Space


TechEd India 2009, Summary of Community activities

Charminar, Hyderabad To summarize: In my 10+ years of community engagement, I would say, TechEd India 2009 was the most successful in terms of community involvement. As beautiful as the famous Charminar of Hyderabad. (see picture on left).

Organizations like INETA APAC, Culminis, PASS and Microsoft India, jointly engaged in bringing all user group leaders together, promoting the respective user groups and enabling great networking opportunities between the leaders and attendees of TechEd India.


India Community CouncilBackground:

About 1 month before TechEd volunteers from INETA APAC, Culminis, PASS, Microsoft India team, and Microsoft UGSS, formed the India Community Council(ICC),  an initiative spearheaded by Microsoft User Group Support Services(UGSS). The objective was to align the efforts of the various organizations in a country and to explore areas of synergy. TechEd was the perfect ground to see the power of the ICC. And they definitely proved their mettle. Further invaluable help was provided by Ashwin Kini, the Culminis APAC chair.


A plan was made to engage the community along the ideas stated in the left column below:

1. Encourage community participation pre-TechEd 1.With Microsoft India’s help, a discount of 25% was negotiated for all User group members wishing to attend TechEd.
1.1. A template was made available to leaders via which they could announce this benefit to members.
1.2. Members interested in the offer were given a survey url to indicate their interest. A day before TechEd volunteers provided this list to TechEd event agency to ensure at time of payment, members got 25% discount. (Despite the severe recession 65 community members took advantage of this offer).
2. ICC members were given free entry.
3. INETA APAC(facebook, Spaces), Culminis blogs, sites announced benefits for the community, and mailers + phone calls were made to all UG leaders.
2. Promote all User Groups of (INETA APAC, Culminis & PASS), create awareness of these organizations, MVP Program and Microsoft UGSS, ensure all attendees are aware of the above. 1. A Community Booklet was created, containing details of all user groups in India, via efforts of ICC + other volunteers. A professional company was engaged(Printo), their help was invaluable. Community booklet was included in the attendee kits, ensuring all are aware of the various user groups across India. In addition, UG leaders were provided Community booklets, so that they could distribute it to their group members.
3. Engage TechEd Attendees, Promote leaders and groups, create buzz and encourage at least 10% of TechEd audience. 1. Two contests were organized.
1.1 Culminis, INETA APAC, PASS, Leader Hunt Contest for TechEd India 2009. Leader Hunt Contest for TechEd India 2009
Enabled attendee interaction with all leaders(Culminis, INETA APAC, PASS) who are present at TechEd. Approximately 300 attendees participated.

1.2 INETA APAC True or False Contest. INETA APAC Contest for TechEd India Enabled attendees to be aware of INETA APAC benefits and sign up as volunteers. 
Approximately 300 attendees participated.

1.3 There was also a dart game where Attendees lining up to play the Community dart game at TechEd India

a lots of goodies(Stress balls, T-shirts, Caps) were given to attendees. The queue at the dart game counter was just amazing. (The Xbox guys helped by providing part of their booth to enable this.)
4. Networking opportunity for speakers, attendees, UG leaders, volunteers. An exclusive Community Evening was Community Evening at TechEd India

organized, primary sponsor was Microsoft UGSS, Culminis and INETA APAC also partly sponsored the same.  Networking, free beer and munchies. It was an evening attended by close to 100 people (consisting of leaders, members, speakers and Microsoft personnel). 14052009976The ICC members were

formally introduced to the attendees. The entrance to this exclusive event was guarded by our enthusiastic leaders/volunteers Nauzad, Surendra Mishra and Pinalkumar Dave followed by turns by other volunteers. 
5. Involve 3rd party speakers, Microsoft Regional Directors, other valuable speakers etc. Pre-TechEd, behind the scenes I was involved in getting 3rd party speakers, such as Sanjay Vyas, Dr. Nitin Paranjpe, Raj Chaudhuri, Meena K and Ranganathan S. In addition, Microsoft RD’s like Praveen Srivatsa, Venkatarangan TNC, also delivered some fantastic sessions.
6. Leader Summit One of the things local Microsoft encouraged was to engage leaders much more, and in order to help with that, they offered free entry to TechEd for all leaders of groups in India.

The ICC capitalized this wonderful opportunity and informed all leaders, in addition, INETA APAC and Culminis sponsored leader accommodation at TechEd, since quite a few leaders were attending this proved to be hugely beneficial, about 14 leaders attended this special summit, along with leading MVP’s. It was held on day 2 of TechEd for about 2 hours. INTEA APAC, Culminis and PASS shared their plans for FY10 with leaders. Additionally, Culminis, INETA APAC, PASS representatives, respectively met up with their group leaders in separate meetings.
7. Upcoming mini-UG TechEd’s in 8 cities. Microsoft announced their support to Community, UG led, mini-TechEd’s in 8 cities. These will be targeting both IT Pro’s and Developers.

Topics that are being delivered are: 
IT Pro: Win Server 2008 R2; Virtualization; Exchange server
Developer: WIN 7; IE 8 /SL3 & Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft would enable UG leaders to get content from TechEd on the above + leaders are encouraged to have local speakers for whom virtual training could be provided. INETA APAC, Culminis, and UGSS could support funding of these Community TechEd’s.

8. Special Session for UG leaders Concept Visuals – presentation by Sanjay Vyas was an exclusive introduction to leaders on how Concept Visuals helps in easy learning + presenting of any information. The best comment after the session which I heard from a leader was “I was doing Windows programming for 6 years and now I finally understand what’s happening”. It was an eye opener for all.
9. New User Groups support Hyderabad – Soni Somarajan and Srinivas B.N. were two new potential leaders who stepped up to help with Hyderabad UG.
Patna – Monika Jha(encouraged by UG leader Surendra Mishra) has decided to start the Patna User Group, focused on UI/Designing
Agra – Similarly, INETA APAC volunteer Mahesh Mitkari, is working with a potential new leader in Agra.
10. Goodies for UG leaders and their members 15052009983 On the last day, UG leaders were given giveaways to take back to their user group communities, which they could utilize at the upcoming mini-TechEd’s. ICC members and volunteers, put their hands together to coordinate these efforts.
11. UG content in localized languages Microsoft is helping encourage submission of information in localised languages, so far I believe, there are volunteers for Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi and hopefully the upcoming mini-UG TechEd’s will bring many more languages to the fore. These video recordings would be promoted across the country.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group – April 2009 Meeting

We are just done with the April 2009 meeting and it was wonderful!

Tejas gave a wonderful introduction and welcome speech. He spoke about the user group in general and shared information about the upcoming TECH-ED India 2009. All UG members are eligible for a 25% discount for TECH-ED India 2009.

My session was on the XML capabilities of SQL Server 2008. We discussed almost all of the XML processing capabilities of SQL Server 2008 including the capability to Generate, load, query, validate and modify XML documents. We discussed XML indexes as well.

There were some give-away items, in addition to ice-cream and snacks, like some copies of SQL Server standard magazine, PASS 2007 Summit DVDs and some technical books and stickers, pens etc.

18042009210 (1)

Friday, April 10, 2009

PUG Windows 7 Day – IT Pro : An exclusive in-depth one-day workshop

Welcome to Windows 7 Day - IT Pro

Microsoft Windows 7 another major revolution in Microsoft's most cutting edge technologies is here to get your work done the easy way.Check out the latest news and views on Windows 7 from the experts this season on

An exclusive in-depth one-day workshop for getting started on Win7

Attend Windows 7 day and Win exciting prizes.

and What more you can get your laptops with latest Windows 7 beta installed !!!
So do not forget to carry your laptops

Entry FREE !! Registration Required.

For more information and Registration , Please visit :

Hurry up and Register Today !!

For any queries/suggestions,Please contact us at :

Venue: Capgemini India A-1, Technology Park, MIDC Talwade, Pune - 412 114

Free Bus Service available by PUG.

Sponsored By:

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

SSWUG.ORG Spring Ultimate Virtual Conference - Discount Code for INUG Members

Dear Indore .NET User Group Members,

SSWUG.ORG Spring Ultimate Virtual Conference

April 22, 23 and 24, 2009

SQL Server vConference

.NET Development vConference

Business Intelligence vConference

Sharepoint vConference

As Affiliates with SSWUG.ORG, all of our group members get a discount when registering for any of the disciplines for their Spring Ultimate Virtual Conference. In addition to the discount code INDNETUG, SSWUG.ORG has started a contest for all of their Affiliate Groups to enter.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

If we can get 100% of our members to sign up for one or more of the disciplines at the Spring Virtual Conference, everyone in our group will receive a one year membership to (a $79.95 value). If you already have a paid SSWUG membership, your account will be extended for an additional year.

In addition, the user group that signs up the highest percentage of members (under 100%) also receives SSWUG one year paid memberships for everyone in their group.

Sign up for the Virtual Conference and let’s win the SSWUG memberships!

SSWUG Free Community Event

There is going to be a 100% free Community Event brought to you by SSWUG.ORG that is taking place on April 17th. All you have to do is register and you get to see these speakers:

Register here for the free event

Here is the quick rundown on the sessions:

· Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services - Designing and Managing High Performance Cubes: Donald Farmer. With Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Analysis Services offers advanced features for design and manageability. This session will explore in data two of these features: the best practices design alerts and dynamic management views. Design alerts guide you with important advice throughout the development stage of a cube. We’ll show how to work with the alerts, and how to manage their various subtleties. Having deployed a more efficient cube, the dynamic management views enable the administrator to query for information regarding connections, sessions, and server performance. We will introduce these views and drill down into many examples of their usage.

· Useful, effective, pre-made SharePoint templates– from Microsoft, for free: Callahan. Need a help desk, timecard, or vacation request site? Considering just creating them yourself? Don’t. Not until you explore the pre-existing application templates available from Microsoft. Free for download, Microsoft has 40 fantastic application templates, not to mention the Community Kit for SharePoint with offerings such asenhanced blog templates, or sites for user groups. So before you invest time and technology in rolling your own, check out this session and get an idea of what’s been rolled for you.

· Silverlight for Beginners: Tim Heuer. XAML, WPF, VS, Blend…what are all these acronyms? Let’s take a deep breath and step back to look at the spectrum of what Silverlight is (and isn’t) and what you need to know starting from ground zero. No knowledge of WPF or Silverlight is required and well get you started building your first Silverlight application in no time!

· Introduction to Data Dude: Ted Malone. In this session attendees will learn about Microsoft Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Developers aka Data Dude. This product provides database developers with tools for database development, change management and testing. This session will walk through the available features of data dude and detail where they can be best utilized.

· SQL Server Round Table: Paul Nielsen, Chris Shaw, Stephen Wynkoop. Stephen, Chris and Paul sit down in an open forum and discuss questions about SQL Server 2008 and questions that have come up from the past conferences. This session will show some of the different opinions that developers and administrators have when working with SQL Server.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 is searching new hosting provider.

year back B.NET (Bangalore .NET user group) moved to its new online home and hosted using community server. but due to some hosting/server problem now it is looking for new service provider. So if anyone knows good service provider please send a mail to activeFolks [AT]

Thanks in advance..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oracle Application User Groups - Collaborate 09

COLLABORATE 09 — OAUG Forum provides the best practices and user-driven training the OAUG has to offer for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Hyperion and more. Hear directly from your peers in-the-knowas they explain why COLLABORATE is the essential training and networking event on their calendars — from practical education to face time with Oracle executives to the generous exchange of ideas between users.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spread the world - INUG at Multiply

Hello Everyone -

Would request you to please spread the news to all your old and new friends - who are passionate about technology - to join your own Indore .NET User Group at

Sandeep Joshi

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ahmedabad SQL Server UG - February 2009 Meeting

This is the first time I am posting about the User Group activities in this blog. So, probably I should start with an introduction. I run a SQL Server User Group in Ahmedabad and we meet on every 3rd Saturday of the month.

We had a great time discussing some of the basic SQL Server topics this week. Pinal Dave did a wonderful session where he presented some very interesting points related to the way SQL Server Query Optimizer uses indexes.

My session was more of an interactive discussion. While writing my series of posts on SQL Server IDENTITY columns, I came across several interesting questions and I then compiled a long list of 65 questions. We discussed those 65 questions and their answers and the 'why-how' part of each of them.

Pinal has written a detailed post about the event. You can find his post here. You can find my post about the same here.

Finally, here is a group photo.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Networking - what does it mean?

The word "networking" is undoubtedly overused. Every interaction — face-to-face or virtual — is considered networking; every online community is a network; every meeting is a networking event.

But think of networking as more than a cliché or all-purpose panacea. The very heart of networking is relationship building, and the investment you make in developing a profound connection with someone will pay dividends, regardless of whether you are on the giving or receiving end. Networking is more than a transaction; it is a lasting bond with a natural ebb and flow. Some of these relationships move to the forefront during certain periods while others retreat to the background, but there is always a sense of reliance, dependability and trust at the foundation.

It is my belief that the best relationships cannot be sustained in a simply one-dimensional communication medium, and I have found my association to others deepens when there is dialogue beyond our initial connection point. A LinkedIn invite augmented by a personal email; a Twitter posting followed by a direct message; an in-person meeting fortified by email; or reacquainting with someone from the past with a phone call all seem to solidify my attachment to my "network.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Microsoft Virtual TechDays: Have you registered yet?

Keynote by Steve Riley
'First they came for bandwidth, now they want to make a difference'

Steve Riley is a senior strategist and worldwide security evangelist in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group. Steve specializes in the process of information security, including policies, networks, and hosts. Steve is a frequent and popular speaker at conferences worldwide, working to spread a better understanding of security science.
Avail the opportunity to learn and explore how Microsoft products and tools can help you quickly address your most time-consuming development challenges. Join fellow developers, architects and project managers at this online event to:
Learn about the latest Microsoft tools and platforms from technology experts;
Learn about how to extend your expertise on technologies that you work on every day; and
Interact with the best-in-class technologists attending the event.

Please Note: This is an online event and you are not required to pay any fee to attend it.
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Fly in Future

When asked about his outstanding performance on the ice, Wayne Gretzky replied, "A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be."

Where is your business focusing? I've found that one of the most powerful practices as an entrepreneur is to spend a day away from the office, dream a little, and envision my company 1, 3, 5 years into the future.

When I occasionally "fly into the future" it makes it easier to come back to the present, push through obstacles, and chart my course to the future I have envisioned.

Spend some time in the future and you'll be able to "skate to where the puck is going to be!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Five Attitude adjustments to live better

On a mission to spark a "strengths revolution," I would advocate cultivating the best of your skill set, rather than working to improve weaknesses. My five "attitude adjustments" serve as a framework for becoming a strengths-based human:

1. Measure what matters.
2. Stop trying to change people. Change Yourself. Start trying to help others.
3. Don't be Title-obsessed. Your performance will thrive largely based on what you do – not what you are.
4. Stop looking outside. The solutions to your problems exist inside you. Be relentless, learning from the lessons of the top performers in your team.
5. Make yourself non-replaceable. Invest time in your skills, your work and all that matters to your life.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Embracing yourself

You will never be the perfect entrepreneur. No matter how hard you work to avoid catastrophes... at some point, disasters will happen. At times, you will look bad, and your reputation will be injured. But, that doesn't mean you or your company have to suffer long-term repercussions because of it.

Here are some steps for embracing your own humanity, and turning "bad" situations into incredible, marketing situations.

Step 1- Laugh at yourself and your mistakes. (Getting upset about the situation won't fix things. Look at this as an opportunity instead.)

Step 2- Fix the disaster, tenaciously.

Step 3- Offer the injured customers or prospects even more than they expect. (If done properly, these individuals may become your biggest fans.)

Step 4- Use the situation to fix your current systems. (Making a mistake is alright. Repeating that mistake can be devastating.)

Step 5- Freely share these experiences in marketing messages, blogs, webinars, or as a "reason" to have another sale or promotion.

People are generally more forgiving than they seem. If you are willing to "expose" your weaknesses, your contacts will feel your honesty and sincerity. The harder you try to be the "perfect" small business owner (and hide your errors), the more detached from your contacts you become. And, the more likely they are to mistrust you.

Enjoy your imperfections and learn to use them to your advantage!

Happy Republic Day!!! India way to go.

Happy republic day. Lets make commitments towards saving environment, saving earth and saving mankind.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy new year!!

Indore .NET User Group and I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. May this year bring joy and peace to everyone.

Cheers and Enjoy!!!

Sandeep Joshi
UG Leader

Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to the new face of INUG!!!

Hi All,

Thank you for visiting Indore .NET User Group at Multiply ( I hope you would like this new face of the INUG. We are living in an exiting era of technology and the economic slowdown is an oppotunity for everyone of us to gear up with more dedication and determination towards making ourselves the best in the industry and non replaceable at any cost.

We would be doing things differently here. We will try to leverage technology as much as possible to remove the distances and differences of timezones.

I welcome all your suggestions, ideas and support to make this group the best in its class.


Sandeep Joshi

UG Leader

Monday, August 25, 2008

INETA-PUG DevCon 2008: : Simply can't afford to miss

Welcome to INETA PUG DevCon 2008 - A unique Developer Conference.

PUG DevCon is like a boon for every developer in Pune. DevCon is a conglomeration of speakers and trainers of national repute who take the centre stage to share their knowledge. PUG DevCon not only serves as an amazing platform for interactive sessions but also as a catalyst for learning and sharing new technology, networking opportunities and much much more. This is the fourth consecutive successful year of PUG DevCon.

This year to add some spice to the PUG DevCon, it's not going to be only about distributing gyan but also a funfilled learning process We have come up with interesting quizzes (what is the garbage collector, remember?), power-packed games (darting...? Bull's Eye! ) and some key events in between the sessions. And you know what's the best part about PUG DevCon 2008? YOU DECIDE THE TOPICS AND CONTENT!!!

Attend DevCon and Win exciting prizes like

Windows Vista Ultimate,Visual Studio Team System 2008

Team Suite with

MSDN Premium worth $20,000 and lots more...

Calling all Designers and Developers to be a part of this unique event.

Entry FREE !! Registration Required.

For more information and Registration , Please visit :

Vote for Topic

Hurry up and Register Today !!

For any queries/suggestions,Please contact us at :

Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Persistent Systems Private Limited, 402, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune - 411016

Monday, September 03, 2007

DevCon 2007 at Pune Rocks!!!

Pune User Groups's
DevCon 2007

This is one event that continues to get better by the year. PUG started this initiative back in 2004 and had less than 300 students and approx 100 professionals attending this event. 25th August, 2007, Saturday it was time to set a new bench-mark with more close to 150 professionals and a whopping 1000+ students attending DevCon 2007 at COEP, Pune campus
The DevCon 2007 was organized by Pune User Group (PUG) in association with International .NET Association (INETA). It was supported by Microsoft India as well as the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP) project at College Of Engineering, Pune.

This event enjoyed sessions from speakers like Raj Chaudhuri, Nauzad Kapadia, Dhaval Faria and Sarang Datye. These speakers covered topics like Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, New features in Visual Studio 2008 and Project Mono, i.e. implementing .Net on LINUX platform.

This is the “MOST SUCCESSFUL DevCon” till date and this, DevCon 2007 has received very positive feedback. People from various companies and from almost all colleges in and around Pune city attended this event.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

DevCon 2007 at Pune

Pune User Group in Association with International .NET Association (INETA) Presents

Date: 25th August, 2007

College of engineering, Pune
Shivajinagar, Pune –5


Professional Track: - 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Student Track: - 02:30 PM - 07:30 PM

Entry Fees:Professional Track: Rs. 50/-
Student Track: Rs. 25/-


Professional Track:

1.Deep Dive Into Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
2.Deep Dive Into Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
3.What’s New In Visual Studio 2008 (ORCAS)

Student Track:

1.Deep Dive Into Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
2.ASP.Net AJAX Primer
3.Implementing .Net on Linux Platform (Project Mono)

for Entry passes check your nearest location on
our website
or Contact us at

DevCon is a Developer Conference from the developers, by the developers and for the developers. Developers may be professionals or students who will represent next generation developers.
• Meet with industry gurus.
• Check out all that the Microsoft Application Platform has to offer
• Explore advances in Web development with Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX.
• Get the inside scoop on the next release of Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server.
• Find out how your applications can take advantage of the improved UI and increased security of Windows Vista.
Questions or comments?

Friday, February 10, 2006

.NET on Linux - Mono Project

on 27th and 28th January 2006, Vivek Vidyalaya college - Goregaon (West), Mumbai had a techfest in their college, they invited me - Dhaval Faria [MVP], for giving session on .NET Introduction, ASP.NET Introduction and .NET on Linux. Session was schedules in the afternoon for in two days time span - 27th and 28th January 2006. Total attendies 50.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

KolkataNet - Security Day & Students of Heritage Enggr. College - 28 Jan'06

It was a great experiences with Subratam, Rajat, Abhijit Mehta in the Security Day in Heritage Engg. College. Prof. Boira - Director of this college kept introductory speech.
Subratam talked on different kinds of threats related to security issues. Shown some interesting Video Clips. Before launch I, Abu Ismail, talked on Cryptography and its concept in context to .NET. Seven people participated to the Speaker’s Contest. After launch Abhijit Mehta, Student Champ, from Durgapore NIT took session on .NET. Whole day we had lot of fun.

KolkataNet -User Group Meeting Jan'06 - XML & .NET 2.0

We had session on 21 Jan on XML and .NET 2.0. Arround 30 people attended in this session. Abu Ismail took this one. Later on Neo shown some interesting things in Coding.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


HOL for MUG and PUG Student Champs - 21st Jan 2006 - 11 AM to 5:30 PM
Mumbai User Group Meet - 21st Jan 2006 - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

MUG and PUG, conducted Hands on Labs for Student Champs on ASP.NET 2.0 and ADO.NET 2.0.

We had about 11 Student Champs attending Honds on Lab and had a great fun while doing it. VPCs failed to work, moment we login into Windows Server 2003 in VPC it crashes (guest OS), Nauzad Kapadia came up with sugestion go to google and search for intelppm.sys thats what BSOD what showing.. we searching on google and found the solution to change registry value in guest operating system... so we looged into guest os through safe mode, changed it and yes it worked :). HOL was supposed to start at 10 AM, but it started at around 12 PM, then after hour, we decided to go for lunch, had lunch came back and continued with the HOL, done ASP.NET 2.0 - Nauzad Kapadia [MVP], then he handed over to Sarang Datye [MVP] to continue with ASP.NET remaining part and ADO.NET as Nauzad had to create sample for evening's UG meet. After Sarang done with his part, Mayur Tendulkar (Student champ from Pune User Group), talked about ASP.NET Master Pages, then handed over to Dhaval Faria [MVP], and spoke about UXTheme, and finally handed over to Hardik Shah from Microsoft, he shown preview of Windows Vista. By the time Windows Vista preview started, UG Members started arriving at the venue. In morning it self, we found out that VPC Image was creating problem, we had to copy VPC Image from one maching to the other over Laptop to Machine using one single cross cable, it was fun and pain. at 7:00 PM Nauzad Kapadia started MUG HOL on ASP.NET WebParts and we done by 9:30 PM.

Sorry, we dont have any snaps of the event.

MUG and PUG Team.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

B.NET - We Rocked The Launch!

Quite easily, it was the biggest day for B.NET. It was the first of its kind - The Community Launch of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.

What better way to launch a technology than to have a presentation and expert-interaction packed two days, 11 technical sessions from MVPs and community experts? Yes, we rocked!
We devoted and entire day for Visual Studio and Team System, and one for SQL Server 2005. The theme for Visual Studio Team System was to get the technology and concept across by considering a full SDLC based storyline of a fictitious WhidbeyRocks! application ! SQL Server 2005 sessions did more than justice to developers and DBA's alike. The demos had more talking to do here.

We had about 400 participants over two days and the enthusiasm was unmatched. All the sessions were marked by great interraction with experts and interest.

Finally, we (MVPs) decided to add another piece to the nearly perfect story - We created a small e-book for the community, which is a collection of articles on .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. You can get details of the same here.

We would sincerely like to thank RVCE MCA department for facilitating a great venue for the event and Microsoft India for giving all the needed support. And most definitely, the interest of .Netizens in Bangalore (and beyond), for making this a grand success!

For a more detailed report, and all the snaps of the event, check out Vinod's Blog

Thursday, January 05, 2006

BangaloreITPro 9th UG Meet (TechNet Yatra)

BangaloreITPro 9th UG Meet (17-12-2005 @ 4.00PM to 9.00PM)

The TechNet yatra meeting gave good impact to members, there are few developers also participated in the session, they are not even know about Active directory & Remote Desktop, they were suggested us to have few session related to developers. So the developer can able use the IT Technique to integrate the networking, AD, RDP while develop the Applications.

This UG meet was very special event, because I got promoted from Group Assistant Manager position to Manager post; it gave me good opening to year 2006.

Venue: Microsoft Corp. (GTSC Campus)

Mr.Ravisankar - Technology Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
Mr.S.Kaliyan – Welcome Speech
Mr.Rahul Nathan – ITPro News

Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services – Technical Overview
Exchange Best Practice Analyzer (EXBPA)
IT QUIZ on AD – By Mr. Ravisankar

Members attending the event: 18
Prizes given during the UG meet: 2 (IT QUIZ)
Prizes provided by: Microsoft Corporation.

Winners: First Prize Mr.Shariq (MS Press Book on Windows Server 2003 AD)
Second Prize Mr.Ashok (MS Press Book on Windows Server 2003 AD)

At the end of the session Mr.Deepak Rajendran, Microsoft Corporation, He elaborated about the UG activates and Microsoft Involvement. All the members walked away with the gifts,

BangaloreITPro 8th UG Meet

BangaloreITPro 8th UG Meet (07-12-2005 @ 6.00PM to 9.00PM)

I and Mr.Chakravarthy met Dr.Nitin paranjape during “South Asia MVP Meet 2005 at Gurgoan”, we requested him to give session in BITPRO UG, he accepted our request and gave a date for 07th Dec 2005.

The meet was started by 6.30PM; I welcome Dr.Nitin paranjape to start the session. The meet went on well; we could not able to have the second session because of the short of time. Dr. gave a three & half hour continues speech.

Excellent talk and demonstrations by Dr. Nitin paranjape, All the attendee was enjoyed three and half hours.

Venue: SCT Software Solutions.

Dr.Nitin Paranjape – Microsoft MVP

“How to be a successful IT Professional (Speaker: Dr. Nitin)

Members attending the event: 26

Proposed plan for next UG meet:
Date: 17th December 2005.
Venue: Microsoft Building (GTSC)

BangaloreITPro 7th UG Meet

BangaloreITPro 7th UG Meet (12-11-2005 @ 4.00PM to 6.00PM)

The Bangalore IT Pro UG meet was very successful with lot of Q&A, the members are surprised to see the actual follow of mail and members were asking lot of question about pst & dbx files.

Excellent talk and demonstrations by both Mr. Mr.Ravisankar (on Life of an Email part-I) and Mr.Srinivas Sampath (on A DBA's View of SQLCLR) and the IT quiz (on Active Directory) by Mr. Rajesh. I gave a welcome speech. All the attendee was enjoyed two and half hours.

Venue: SCT Software Solutions.

Mr.Ravisankar - Technology Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
Mr.Srinivas Sampath - (MVP SQL Server), Head Technology Lab, SCT Software Solutions.

“The Life of an E-mail” (Speaker: Mr. Ravisanakar)
“A DBA's View of SQLCLR”. (Speaker: Mr. Srinivas Sampath)
IT QUIZ – By Mr. Rajesh

Members attending the event: 23
Prizes given during the UG meet: 3 (IT QUIZ)
Prizes provided by: SEEQUAL Software Pvt. Ltd.

Proposed plan for next UG meet:
Date: 07th December 2005.Venue: SCT Software Solutions.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

B.NET Report

A lot has been happening in B.NET lately, the number of blog postings not really representative of the same. As one can expect, the theme of most of the talks have been focused around VS 2005 and SQL Server 2005. One of the recent highlights was the presentation by Bob Wolf, VP of NetAdvantage. Bob walked us through the new version of Infragistics (3.0) , which targets VS 2005 and .NET 2.0. The underscoring point was the productivity advantages offered by Infragistics and by the underlying VS 2005 and .NET platforms.

With the launch of VS 2005 and SQL Server 2005 in the media, we now can now look forward to a series of exiting events at the community level. So, Wait and Watch!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

KolkataNet - DevCon2005

We enjoyed very much in "Developer Conference 2005" on 29th Oct 2005.

Me[Abu], Gautam, and Subratam talked on the stage. This event was primarily on Visual Studio 2005 on which I presented about ASP.NET 2.0 New feature with live demo, Neo had on .NET Framework 2.0 and VSTS with live demo!!!
Subratam presented the session about the Awareness of Security.
Almost 40 energetic developers attended session. At the same time we had Quiz also with some Kits.

This is first full-day event of KolkataNet User Group.

I would like give thanks to Abhishek and Deepak from Microsoft.

In Nov we have planned for "TechQuiz2005" Contest... and next year more will come ...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

6 th Bangalore IT Pro offline UG meet Report

6 th Bangalore IT Pro offline UG meet Report

I am pleased to let you all know that the 6th Bangalore IT Pro offline UG meet was held successfully.

Venue: SCT Software solutions
Date: 15th October 2005 Time: 4pm

Speakers: Mr. Rahul Nathan (Microsoft Licensing – A Technical Overview)
Mr. Shariq/ Mr. Rajesh (Quiz Master)
Mr. Rahul Nathan (Bangalore IT Pro UG News bulletin)
Mr. S.Kaliyan MVP (In the Spot light)

Attendees: 24 persons

It was good to see a good crowd waiting for the event to start well in advance.

It was interesting to see that there were many questions about Microsoft licensing, Mr.Rahul tool down the details of those who wished to purchase software licenses particularly the Software Assurance deal and later passed them on to the Microsoft Sales team. The response of the session was very encouraging in many ways.

We then started the most awaited part of the evening, the quiz. Mr. Shariq took over as the quiz master as Mr. Rajesh was a little busy. Mr. Rajesh had prepared the Quiz contents and his company Seequal Software provided the prizes for the evening.

After a short break for tea during which members interacted with each other, we began with the Bangalore IT Pro News presentation where Mr.Rahul told the members about every thing that was happening. We had a big round of applause as Mr.Rahul announced that we reached 500+ members count and I thanked all the members on behalf of the managers for keep the interest alive.

Now it was time to show our members the CULMINIS CERTIFICATE and tell the members about our major achievement. MVP Mr. Kaliyan S. briefed the members about this achievement before passing around the certificate for all our members to see.

It was time to then to switch off the lights and have the spot light on MVP (Kaliyan S). I took over the stage to speak about his experiences as Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional. I enlightened members about the Microsoft community Star program and MVP program. Explained the programs in great detail as I shared my own experiences. I motivated a lot of members to follow.

Finally it was time to make the members smile, as it was prize distribution ceremony time. Mr.Rahul gave away the prize for the quiz contest to Mr. Ashok who was the clear winner that evening. We closed the evening with a motivating thanks giving address by Mr.Rahul and me. We had a group photo taken to close the long evening.

A lot of one to one discussion followed between the members, Mr. Rahul and me as the attendees moved away. We answered technical question,

Many thanks to SCT Software Solutions and Seequal Software Solutions for making the 6th Bangalore IT Pro Offline UG meet a grand success.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tablet PC Session @ CSI Event

There was a Tablet PC session at an Event organized by the students of CSI VSET, on 1st October, 2005. It was a great turnout of about 100 students from Third Year and Final year. I basically gave them an overview on the tablet pc platform and also spoke about how to develop applications in VS.NET to make them INK aware. Later I spoke about the INETA and its Activities, and also about Microsoft Academic Project Program. Over all it was a very interesting session which lasted for about 2.5 hours.

Later that evening - there was one more session on Tablet PC for Mumbai User Group. Intersting to say that Tablet PC really Rocks!! And like always - a Pen (read: Stylus) is mighter than a sword

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

SQLWiZ 2005 and CodeWarriors 2005 Contest HYD

Microsoft User Group Hyderabad Proudly Presents SQLWiZ 2005 and CodeWarriors 2005

SQLWiZ 2005 is a Technical White paper contest conducted by MUGH to identify and reward the best SQL Brains in India . This is an opportunity for developers, DBAs and architects to brainstorm on architecting, designing and database tuning; and showcase their skills to the technical community by presenting their white papers.

Code Warriors 2005 is a .NET Coding Contest, a developer challenge, that enables software developers all over to develop and exhibit their applications using .NET. Developers are free to adopt some of the best practices in software development or develop their own way, software applications and submit to MUGH for evaluations.

Visit for contest rules and other details

Best Wishes,

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BangaloreITPro User Group 5th Offline Meet

5th BangaloreITPro UG meet is interesting

Date : 24th September 2005
Venue : SCT Software Solutions.
Attendance: 20 people
Topic: Physical Infrastructure for IT

Speakers : Mr. Ravi M. (Rittal India Pvt. Ltd.) Mr. Rajiv S. (Rittal India Pvt. Ltd.)

News Presentation: Mr. Rahul Nathan Quiz Master:

(Asst. Manager – Bangalore IT Pro UG) Mr. Rajesh Nair (Seequal Software Ltd.)

The event started at about 4:15 pm after most of the members came in. Speakers were in much earlier and were happy with the preparation. Our speakers from Rittal enlightened us about the Physical Infrastructures solutions for IT companies with a focus on Security of server rooms and data centers. Our members enjoyed, as there were a lot of questions asked and answers. A healthy group discussion made the session interesting.

What was more impressive was that our members were making notes very keenly.

Then we moved on the News presentation & The Hall of Fame presented by Mr.Rahul.

The Hall of Fame induction was well accepted and one of our speakers from our 3rd UG meet, Mr. Shariq was with us and was truly surprised to be honored by us. He spoke to the group and we had a round of applause for him. We did not have any thing to to give him, but he walked away with a prize in the quiz contest.

We had a tea break where all our members interacted with each other. We came to understand that members where looking for online chat session. We need to work out a solution for this.

We had a wonderful Quiz event by Mr. Rajesh Nair about Windows 2003. Since we had prizes to give away, we had active participation. Three guys who scored the highest score walked away with Microsoft Exam preparation kits from Seequal Software Ltd.

I took the chance to closed the evening by telling every one that we would have a session on "What it takes to become a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Community Star?" in our next UG meet on 15 th October. I have cleared some basic questions. I also promoted the idea of creating blogs when Mr.Rahul put my blog on the big screen. Mr. Chakravarthy had a lot to say about the necessity of blogs for all our members.

We closed with one line… "See You Online!".

Next Offline UG meet plan:

Event planned for 15th October 2005 at SCT Software Solutions at 4pm.

I will take the other session with support for my MVP Lead. If my Lead could attend the session that it would be great as this may be our first ALL MVP evening just like we had all non-Microsoft participation during our 3 rd UG meet. Some thing to go down in our record books. I am sure that Mr. Chakravarthy and me will make the 6th UG meet a memorable one. We also plan to have another quiz session by Mr. Rajesh Nair as a part of his series.

Manager's discussions: Need to find new venue for UG meets in 2006. We have planned for the October, November, and December UG meets in SCT Software Solutions. Need to start booking speaker right away. Mr.Rahul will talk to MVP Mr. Srinivas Sampath to talk to us about SQL in November before the grand SQL events of December. I am sure he will have a lot of information to share after attending events in USA over the next few days.

Smile always J Talk IT at the "TALK IT!" message board

Lets start preparing for the next meet.

The event Organised with the Support of Mr.Rahul & Mr.Charawarghy,