Monday, March 14, 2005

Community Roundtable Meeting with “Soma” at MSFT India IDC, Hyderabad

Somasegar a.k.a. “Soma”, Microsoft's Corporate VP for developer division, visited MSFT Indian IDC, and a community meeting was organized with Hyderabad community members on March 10th 2005. The Meeting for filled with Hyderabad MVP’s, Community Stars and active participants of

Very Interesting discussions happened on various topics, including unfilled gaps in the Patterns & Practices, Practical issues faced by the enterprise developers, Future release features on Whidbey, comparisons with J2EE, Smart clients etc

Also, a light weight discussion occurred on the question “Is Microsoft sidelining VB.NET with C#?!” To which somasegar clearly denied, but also admitted lots of internal developments at Microsoft is now done using C#. In my personal opinion, this question would have been valid only if MSFT has abandoned VB6. It’s clearly visible that MSFT has taken lot’s of pain to migrate VB6 Users to a more robust language. Also I’m pretty sure MSFT can never sideline VB community, which has the large developer base on earth.

Though the session was time constrained, The Meeting ended with a group photo sessions.

Somasegar has blogged this event at

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A photo with roundtable participants

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