Monday, March 21, 2005

DevCon Pune 2005

from the diary of Sarang Datye, MVP:

DevCon was good. The numbers were:
Professionals: 170 including volunteers + faculties)
Students: 194 including faculties and volunteers.
Total: 364 (against an expectation of 300)
The good part about students event was we had some people coming from Nasik and Gujarat. So, looks like people are getting to know about DevCon, INETA and community activities.
The first day we started almost an hour late. One of the speakers got delayed in transit.
The ALLANA institute guys and the volunteers had managed to organize the things at the venue pretty well...though things could still have been better.
We started of with an inauguration ceremony by Dr.
Khedkar (Director of ALLANA Institute of Mgmt
Sciences) and then the MVP's and speakers lighted the traditional lamp.
After that we moved on to our first session, Office 2003 and .NET 2003 - Raj Chaudhuri. Then shot a session on Reflection (Spiritual API's from MS :))) After the second session lunch was served. Soon after lunch Nauzad stepped on the Gas with Deployments consideration in .NET (NTD and ClickOnce). Lastly, Raj sir scored a goal with ASP.NET Security session :))
The second day was pretty much less hectic. We had to swap the 1st and the 2nd session. I and Akila took up the first session on Introduction to Web Services.
Then we moved on to .NET on Non - Windows platform taken up by Raj. Raj managed this session parallely on a dual projection (windows and linux side by side ) After lunch Nauzad went great with OO features in .NET 2.0 and finally I ended the show and the event with a session on "Moving to Visual Basic .NET"
We gave away some books, INETA T-Shirts, some VS.NET Beta DVD's and ARK's.

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