Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A roundtable meet with Gaurav Daga, Program Manager, SFU

Last week, MVPs in Bangalore got an opportunity to meet Gaurav Daga, Program Manager of SFU (Services for Unix). Till then, I was not really aware of what SFU really was and where it could be used. Gaurav gave a good presentation of SFU, covering both the benefits from the IT pro and the developer perspectives. The session basically dealt with version 3.5 of SFU, the latest and the greatest version so far. Of the many features of SFU, what appealed to me most is Interix, a windows subsystem for compiling and running unix applications, giving unix application developers an easy migration path to windows and thereby leverage the best of Windows and .NET functionality.

The session was very informative and though SFU does not apply to the kind of applications I am developing currently, it was good to understand it from the technology enthusiast's viewpoint. I am therefore looking forward to more such interactions.

For more information on SFU, visit here.

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