Friday, January 21, 2005

Windows Services for UNIX Session by Gaurav Daga

---- Services for UNIX

January 6th 2005 we had a nice UG session ( on Windows SFU by Gaurav Daga. It is really nice and good stuff for the IT people and students...... Even though the crowd is around 35+, it was an interactive and useful session.

Many people told me that the session was very useful ….Gaurav also covered about the Interix (a windows subsystem for compiling and running unix applications), Interix Tools and Utilities. Interix tools help us a lot in easy application migration and scripts from UNIX to Windows.

The session was very informative and after the session, I thought.... Wow.... Is Windows seamlessly interoperate with UNIX to this extent? !!!

I would say: SFU is the core thing in the Microsoft’s UNIX migration strategy and allows enterprises to deploy Windows based solutions in existing UNIX based environments.
Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 also includes more than 300 UNIX utilities and tools that behave as they would on UNIX systems, plus a software development kit (SDK) that supports more than 1,900 UNIX APIs and migration tools, including make, rcs, yacc, lex, cc, c89, nm, strip, gbd, as well as the gcc, g++, and g77 compilers.

Here the poster: UG Session on Microsoft Windows Services For Unix

Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (SFU) 3.5 allows Windows–based and UNIX–based computers to share data, security credentials, and scripts. Windows Services for UNIX enables Windows and UNIX clients and servers to share network resources, integrates account management, simplifies cross-platform management, and provides a full UNIX scripting and application execution environment that runs natively on Windows.

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