Tuesday, April 19, 2005

DevCon 2005 Hyderabad - Exciting new technologies

DEVCON 2005 was a Grand Triumph and Kudos to the MUGH Core Members and the Audience. DevCon 2005 was a great effort from all the core members of MUGH.
I didn’t believe to see the audience sitting in for more than 7 hours, and all the session are very interactive and appealing. Many of audience have given feedback that the event was wonderful and looking similar events in the future. It was a thrilling and challenging experience for me and I love to do that more.

Let me thanks all the Speakers and others, who spare their valuable time with us and make this event a big success. Thanks a lot. :)

Devcon Pictures: http://www.mvpblog.com/devcon/

In short, I would say: DevCon 2005 and MUGH Rocks!!! Let us make MUGH a Vibrant Community!!!!

DevCon 2005 by Microsoft User Group, Hyderabad (MUGH) - April 10th, 2005
A full day event focusing on various latest technology topics of Microsoft Product line, featuring Dev Guru's and IT Celebrities of India, from Microsoft Developer Evangelism Team, MS IDC and MS GDCI.These sessions covered the upcoming cutting edge technologies Indigo,
Visual Studio Team System and Whidbey and SQL Server Mobile 2005. Over 500 members registered online with the event and more than 130 members attended and participated in a very interactive way.

Conducted By:
This technical fiesta was conducted by Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH), in association with Microsoft GDCI, Vasudeva Realtors and Satyam Computers.


Professionals: 110+
Students: 25+
Total: 135+

Sessions Conducted
Key Note Speech: Berry Rogers, Microsoft Services IT, Redmond.
VS 2005 Express Products: Janakiram MSV, Academic Evangelist, Microsoft.
Indigo, Connected Systems Framework: Kumar Gaurav Khanna, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft.
Testing in Visual Studio Team System 2005: Pratap J Ladhani, GDCI, Microsoft.
Enhancements in SQL Server Mobile 2005: Sachin Sinha, IDC, Microsoft.
Globalization and Localization in .NET: Deepak Gulati, ISV Evangelist, Microsoft

Participation from companies : Infosys, Cognizant Technologies, Wipro, Keane, Satyam, TCS, Microsoft, Virtusa and InfoTech

Overall feedback:
Some of the objective feedback include: (Collected from feedback forms)1. Excellent, impressive (more than 30 responses)2. Want more sessions, at least 3 in year !!!! (there were more than 5 reponses like this)3. Really Good (more than 23 responses saying this)4. Wanted to share material/slides (10+ responses)5. MUGH is doing very good. Wanted to contribute more to MUGH !!! (at least 10 responses)
Comments of some of the participants:

Ramesh Srinivasan, Cognizant Technologies
Thanks to MUGH for making this event happen this way, this is a great experience and I appreciate DevCon event managers to make everything happend on time with out much schedule deviation.
When I looked at the schedule, I strongly decided to attend Kumar Gaurav Khanna's session on INDIGO. That's a great session on a great technology coming up.

SQL Server Mobile - IDC Team, Microsoft India
This event has exceed our expectation, It's a very good experience for us to address such a large developer community in Dev Con 2005. We look forward to do more sessions on
SQL Server Mobile 2005 with Microsoft User Group, Hyderabad.

Rajesh, Infosys
Sessions are very good and very helpful for Developers to work with emerging Microsoft technologies, especially Indigo and Visual Studio Team System.
I want to contribute more to MUGH as a core member as well. Thanks to MUGH.

Lakshmi S, Virtusa Ltd.
Felt like I have attended Tech-Ed or some MSDN Event. Extremely cutting edge technology sessions and Great speakers. 10 times worth than a sunday @ home :-)
I request MUGH to conduct these kind of events atleast 3 times a year.

Umesh Thota, Student
As the day started we with our hopes high, all done with our arrangements were waiting for clock to strike 10. At 10 it was a marvel an astonishing number of people, both students and developers showed up. in spite of it being a Sunday. It was a feeling of fruits for our hard work. there was an element of fun, which was never planned. i enjoyed every moment of it and hoped the day would never end.

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