Monday, April 18, 2005

Newly nominated Microsoft Student Ambassadors - Bangalore

Microsoft India - Academic Team had opened nominations for the title of Microsoft Student Ambassador, in Bangalore. It was a self-nomination process followed-up by an interview with the Microsoft India - Academic Lead, Mr.Chandar Sundaram.

On April 7th 2005, the results of the same were announced. The Bangalore Student Champs were invited to meet Mr.Morris Sim, Senior Director of the Academic Developer Group, Microsoft Corporation. Unfortunately, Mr.Sim had to return to US, the previous night, due to some personal reason. The meeting went on and jointly precided by Mr. Chandar Sundaram and Mr.Kevin D'Souza (ADE, MSFT). After discussing issues like - current student champ activities, availability of software resources to students and if its not wrong to mention, even an ultra-low-cost software developement kit including WinXP & VS2003 was discussed. However it was just an idea and may take time for MSFT to come out with such a kit.

(The Microsoft Student Ambassadors with Mr.Chandar (left extreme) and Mr. Kevin (right extreme)

Towards the end of the meeting, Mr.Kevin D'Souza announced the Microsoft Student Ambassadors - Sabarish R, Ghanashyam S, Sharath M.S, Raghavan, Deepthi Rao and Sunil Jagadish.

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