Monday, April 18, 2005

WinEmbedded - Reloaded

There are lots of .NET, IT Pro & SQL user groups all over India but a UG for Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile was definitely missing!

The WinEmbedded UG ( is a platform for anybody interested in Microsoft's Embedded & Mobile technologies to interact, share knowledge and learn. WinEmbedded is the embedded and mobile space for both Professionals and Students.

WinEmbedded UG was started in September 2004 by Mr.Pradipta Kumar Sharma (MSFT, Heads the Windows Embedded & Mobile Division in India) .

April 16th 2005, we had the 2nd UG meet at Microsoft GTSC, Bangalore. Mr.Anantha Kashyap (Microsoft eMVP), Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, delivered a session on Windows CE.NET and Mr.DSK Chakravarthy spoke about .NET CF. [Winembedded previous sessions]

The UG will be conducting a Hands-On-Lab on WindowsCE in the 1st week of May 2005. Apart from the UG Meets & Hands-On-Lab, WinEmbedded is also planning on contests with exsiting prizes (sponsored by MSFT).

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