Saturday, April 23, 2005

First UG Meet of the Bangalore IT Pro Community

Audience at the First Bangalore IT Pro UG meet on April 23 2005.
We had more than 30 people attending and the speakers were Sheila Gulati, Abhishek Kant and Anupam Viz. The topics covered were:

- DPE Team and Communities
- Setting up Wireless Network for home and corporate network
- PKI Infrastructure
A lot of freebies (read T-Shirts) were distributed at the event. Food (chips, biscuits and cold drinks) was served during the break.


Smiley said...

Well done UG... It was great show organised by Ravi... And Abhishek Kant stole the show by making a very informative presentation. Keep it up :) Hope to catch you again :)

Anonymous said...


Its wonderful to be part of a great group in the indian Silicon valley. though we are in the nascent stage, i'm sure this group will rock bangalore very soon and help the MS support community. way to go..

thanks once agian for all the Organizers


Jason S said...


The First UG meet was excellent.

You can read a complete review of the meet at my blog site

Hope 2 see the other's at the next meet!!!

~Jason S